Jack Rogers

Dr. Hinkle has done a wonderful job for me since I was about 22 years old. Im 37 now and my teeth are perfect thanks to Dr Hinkle and the staff!


Hands down the best dentist i have ever been to. Extremely knowledgeable and talented, a perfectionist really--he makes sure your teeth look the absolute best! Everyone who works there is very friendly and professional and a beautiful, state-of-the-art office.


I had a root canal done here by Dr. Hinkle and I had gone to another dentist for something else and an xray was taken and the dentist was blown away by how good my root canal was. Needless to say, I highly recommend.


I've been a patient for about 1-1/2 years. Dr. Hinkle has been treating me for TMJ due to an unsuccessful treatment from another TMJ dentist. I'm so appreciative of his caring nature, professionalism & desire to listen and correct my TMJ issues. Everyone in the office is kind and eager to perform to the best of their ability. Wish Utica Dental had been my first choice in treating TMJ. Thanks to you and your staff.

Linda Wolff

I went to Dr. Hinkle about 4 years ago after suffering with Vertigo daily, dizzy and throwing up for about 4 years. I would be so dizzy I could not get up for hours and days of feeling off balance, ringing in my ears but the dizziness was so debilitating I though I was going to have to quit working. It was daily and very positional. I could turn my head and go into a spin. I went to see him about a dental problem and he started asking me questions. I had been to several Dr's to include Ear, nose and throat and diagnosed with Meniere's disease. I had balance test, took all kinds of medications to stabilize me but still as I got older, it got worse. 3 minutes into the visit, he had me diagnosed with not Meniere's but severe TMJ, my jaw had clicked for years. I was not getting blood flow to my middle ears. I decided that day to invest in the Invisaligns. I had these dizzy spells since I was a little girl and I was 59 years at this time. After 2 weeks of the invisaligns, I had one small one after that two week period. I have wore them for 3 years trying to get my teeth right. I have not had a Vertigo or vomiting since. I was elated and tell everyone what a difference it has made in my life. I would recommend his opinion and treatment. I am now having an implant done due to a baby tooth in the front that was not known until my jaw started to move. I know and trust it will be perfect as my care with Dr. Hinkle has been excellent. I always get a professional answer when calling the office, the staff is professional and know their jobs. I trust them with the procedures and have come to trust some more than others. I will usually tell them how I feel and appreciate their skills.

Brock Baker

I am an entertainer and travel the world singing, speaking, and being on a stage in front of thousands. One of the first thing people notice is my teeth. I live in Los Angeles and fly to Tulsa just to get my teeth worked on by Dr. Hinkle. I cannot tell you how much I have been blessed by this man and his beautiful work. I have always hated the dentist office since I was a kid, because I had some traumatic experiences, including having 8 teeth pulled at once. Even a dry toothbrush gives me the chills. I can say that I will be flying into Utica Dental for as long as Dr. Mike Hinkle is in charge. He gives beverly hills results on a tulsa budget. I am forever grateful for how this dental office has absolutely positively effected my entertainment business with their commitment to detail and their heart to serve and comfort. When it comes to "going to the dentist" Utica dental has given me a better taste in my mouth. Thank you!

Debbie Lane

I have been to other we'll know Dentists in town and I am so very glad I have found Dr. Hinkle . He and his staff are the very best of the best. I have recently married and my husband was so impressed when he brought me to have some work done, that he has changed to Dr.Hinkle also. You can tell that being the best dentist is Dr. Hinkles passion! I was so afraid to have a root canal and an implant, I was never in pain , not once. He and his great staff have taken the best care of me. He even calls that night to check on you. We are very fortunate to have he and his staff in Tulsa

Claudia Ricciardi

Dr Hinkle and his staff are top notch service providers in Tulsa. A beautiful office with friendly, professional personnel and Dr Hinkle is the best of the best!! Money and time well spent, I wouldn't go anywhere else!!

Becky Gordon

I had a horrible tooth problem that was infected down to the bone and was hurting, bad. My fault because I had put it off getting to the dentist office. Dr. Hinkle's receptionist who was very kind got me right in at 9:00 that morning. Dr. said the tooth had to be extracted and I saw he was right by looking on the xray on his monitor. After getting the "happy" gas for a few minutes and plenty of numbing medication in my gums, he and his assistant who was very kind also pulled my tooth out! Today is the next day and I'm feeling good, maybe not terribly energetic, but no pain. I did take pain medication before going to bed and one in the night and my gums feel fine this morning. Before I close, Dr. Hinkle is a dedicated Christian man, a very happy, compassionate man, who lives his religion. I'm sure he prays for his patients every day; although, I have never asked him specifically. All in all, the procedure yesterday was VERY pleasant and actually fun, would you believe.
Becky Gordon


Last August I contacted Utica Dental due to TMJ issues. I had been with another TMJ dentist for almost 2 years and I was extremely unhappy with the results. Seven months later I feel like progress is being made. I'm thankful for the relief thus far & very excited about the future. Utica Dental is my go to dentist for everything dental related.

Keith G

What an awesome visit I had at Utica Dental. The front office staff was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable about my insurance coverage and my benefits. We were able to use my benefits for 2015 & 2016 to keep my copay at a minimum. They even have information about a secondary insurance plan that can make my out of pocket minimal to nothing. The assistants were so sweet and gentle and really cared about how nervous I was. Dr. Hinkle's dentistry is beautiful and I love the fact that he takes care of an issue before it becomes a problem, I will be recommending Utica Dental to all my friends and family. It truly is the Best of the Best.


The best dentist in Tulsa, friendly staff and sen like atmosphere. The best dental experience I've ever had hands down.


LOVE Dr. Hinkle! This is by far the best office around! I absolutely suggest this office! Best place around!

Kristin S

After years of grinding and wearing down my teeth, they had become very worn and had a lot of spaces between them.
Dr Hinkle had given me several different options to fix the problem. The best solution and the one that eventually I plan on doing is lumineers, but in the meantime Dr said we could do bonding on my teeth. We did the bonding and it is pretty and white. It has closed up my gaps and whitened my smile. I feel so much better about my smile now. Thank you Dr Hinkle for giving my smile back. It was so easy all the way through. The wonderful ladies up front are so sweet and helpful getting me an appointment scheduled and helping me out with the financial end of things. The procedure itself was amazing. A little nitrous for relaxing and the girls in the back are so kind and great at what they do. Dr worked his magic and I came out of there so very pleased. Dr Hinkle and the team at Utica Dental have changed my life!!! Thank you all!

Tara B

I had been putting off a tooth that I knew needed work for a long time. I went to multiple dentists and no one could give me a definite answer on what my best option was. I was told I would need to get the tooth taken out then see a specialist for an implant. Another time I was told I would need to see a specialist for a root canal then come back for a crown. None of these options sounded appealing because I didn't want to go to multiple places for work. When Dr Hinkle looked at my tooth he new he could fix it with a root canal and crown in his office. I was very nervous about the whole thing because I take good care of my teeth. He offered me Valium to take before my procedure since I was nervous about getting this done and the horror stories people tell. I took that and got the happy gas and it was a great experience. Dr Hinkle made sure my bite was perfect and my crown matched my other teeth. Thank you Dr Hinkle!

Becca w.


Ben Walker

Dr. Hinkle at Utica Dental is the best dentist I have ever experienced. After having a bad experience with another dentist I was recommend to try out Dr. Hinkle at Utica Dental. After my first appointment Dr. Hinkle called me back that evening to welcome me to his business. A few weeks later I needed a root canal. Hearing all the dreaded stories about having a root canal done, I was not looking forward to this procedure. I can not stress enough how he and his staff made this procedure as pleasant as possible. It all begins when you walk through the front door. The atmosphere is clean and very friendly; the front staff is great to work with. Dr. Hinkle uses the latest technology, so things in the past that might have been painful, like receiving shots, are now not so bad. That evening, Dr. Hinkle called me back again to see how I was doing after the procedure! If you are looking for a clean, friendly, up to date dentistry with great staff I would highly recommend Dr. Hinkle at Utica Dental

Rob Montgomery

I have not been to a dentist in many years and Dr. Hinkle and his staff are so professional and caring. From the moment you walk in the door and greated with a smile and a friendly face. Very comfortable atmosphere and easy to work with.. So happy to have found a Dr. as caring as Dr. Hinkle. Thank you so much Dr. Hinkle!!!

Tiffany Robles

What a great dentist and staff! Dr. Hinkle and his staff are amazing and very caring! They are great at their job and go above and beyond in making going to the dentist a great experience :)


THEY DID GREAT, as always.


Beautiful office with very friendly staff. They do everything possible to make you feel at ease. Dr Hinkle does great work.


Utica Dental has truly perfected their craft. Dr. Hinkle is an excellent dentist and has a passion and drive to give the patient a great experience, weather it is a small filling or a full mouth restoration. The office has a zen feel to it, they even have massage chairs in the patient rooms! A lot of time and effort has gone into making the customer feel welcome. The staff is top notch and they are all willing to go the extra mile to make your dental visit a good one. Let's face it, no one enjoys going to the dentist, so you owe it to yourself to give Utica Dental a try. They will change the way you think about dentistry . Dr. Hinkle's work precedes itself, you can now have dental restorations that look great, feel great and last a very long time!

James W.

I have always hated going to the dentist, but Dr. Hinkle's office is so comfortable and calming, it is no longer a problem. Dr. Hinkle is a perfectionist and makes sure all procedures are done in a professional manner.

Lynn W.

Utica Dental truly does deserve being voted Oklahoma Magazines "Best of the Best" winner and Tulsa People Readers Choice" A-List Winner". I have been a patient of Dr. Hinkle's for many years. Dr. Hinkle and his staff treat you with the upmost care and compassion from the front desk all the way through treatment and check out. The spa atmosphere is so relaxing with memory foam chairs that vibrate and T.V.s above the chairs so you can watch your favorite programs. The dental work is A+ quality at a reasonable price ( I know because I have shopped around). I tell all my friends and family if you want beautiful work that looks good, feels good and lasts a long time, you owe it to yourself to go to Utica Dental. I can assure you, you won't be disappointed!


Dr. Hinkle and his team is great! I really enjoy working with them.